Ryan J. Kornegay is a dedicated and skilled trial attorney. Mr. Kornegay earned his juris doctor from the University of Denver Sturm School of Law. He joined CKeller Law after serving as a Deputy District Attorney in multiple counties across Colorado. This role allowed him to gain consistent experience in the courtroom, where he handled a broad spectrum of criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanors, including Driving Under the Influence and Domestic Violence Assaults, to first degree felonies, including charges for murder, vehicular homicide, and manslaughter.

Mr. Kornegay brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the legal landscape to every case he handles. He meticulously investigates each case, gathers critical evidence, and builds compelling defense strategies tailored to the circumstances involved in each client’s situation. Mr. Kornegay’s comprehensive experience as a former Deputy District Attorney gives him a strategic advantage in defending clients, because he possesses an insider’s perspective on how the prosecution builds its cases. Mr. Kornegay’s experience with numerous law enforcement agencies across Colorado has also given him a unique perspective on law enforcement procedures, common errors, and perspectives.  Mr. Kornegay is committed to providing a robust defense and offers an individualized approach to his clients.

Mr. Kornegay has a multitude of experience litigating important court hearings where crucial decisions are made. Some of these hearings include: “Force Against Intruder” immunity hearings (AKA Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” hearings), which deal with the right to defend oneself while at home against an intruder, trials and hearings pertaining to self-defense, which focus on whether the force used is reasonable and justified, and suppression hearings, which aim to prevent certain evidence from being used in court.  

Before embarking on his legal career, Mr. Kornegay gained valuable life experience through his work with AmeriCorps, where he developed a strong sense of community and a dedication to service. This diverse background has instilled in him a deep understanding of the various factors that impact individuals and communities, further informing his empathetic and comprehensive approach to legal defense. 

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