With years of hands-on experience in trial and litigation, Gray Zabel has spent his career specializing in criminal defense, particularly self-defense cases. His journey also includes a year dedicated to business and contract law, giving him a well-rounded perspective on various legal matters. Mr. Zabel studied at Dartmouth College and has an associate degree in paralegal studies from Portland Community College’s ABA-approved program, graduating with highest honors.

Mr. Zabel’s abilities in analyzing discovery, drafting legal documents, and conducting legal research are second to none. His talent for juggling schedules and communicating with clients in an empathetic and thorough manner sets him apart. He’s known for providing clients with a clear understanding of what to expect in their case and managing legal technology so smoothly that clients and coworkers alike hardly notice it at all.

Mr. Zabel believes in meeting clients where they are. He listens empathetically and carefully, maintaining regular touch points and setting clear expectations. His genuine delight in interacting with clients on a human level is apparent, as he makes a point to know their names and understand their unique situations.

When he’s not immersed in the legal world, Mr. Zabel enjoys shooting hoops, attending Nuggets games (a substitute for his favorite Trail Blazers), and learning the ropes of weightlifting. His interests extend to podcasts, creative writing, and debating just for the fun of it. He’s also an overzealous eBook collector and an HBO enthusiast.