More Than a Firm: The CKeller Law Difference

Attorney Christen Keller founded CKeller Law to provide quality representation to her clients with a personal touch. She has more than a decade of trial experience. Christen has devoted her career to effectively representing clients facing a traffic offense or attempted murder and everything in between.

Christen has extensive courtroom experience and understands how to navigate the legal process. Her clients have consistently expressed high levels of satisfaction and confidence in her representation, knowing that she is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for their cases. Christen cares deeply about the people she represents and fights for the best possible outcomes in their cases.

Christen handles all criminal matters (municipal, state, and federal), and she has specialized in cases involving self-defense or defense of others. While she has a concentration in criminal defense, she handles civil cases involving forfeiture, family law, and personal injury, as well.

The CKeller Law team understands that being involved in litigation or accused of a crime is extremely stressful and that you need someone you can trust to advocate for your rights and elegantly navigate the legal process. If you have been accused of a crime or seek counsel for a legal matter, contact CKeller Law for a free consultation. Acting fast is important in many legal matters, both criminal and civil, so it is best not to wait. Contact us today and the CKeller Law team will get to work right away.