Fantastic Attorney

“When you need a criminal defense attorney, you want one with compassion, legal expertise and isn’t afraid to go to trial. Christen has those qualities in spades. I’d never been in any trouble with the law before and when I hired Christen to represent me she helped me comprehend the complicated legal processes early on. Through the various steps leading to trial she fought very hard for me at every step. Because of my unique circumstances, her knowledge of the law and quick thinking resulted in my first trial ended in a mistrial. This ultimately resulted in my case being dismissed before the second trial.” Kevin, Former Client Review on

Top Colorado Lawyer

“I cannot speak highly enough about Christen. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Denver or the surrounding area – look no further. Christen knows the ‘local scene’ and she will fight your cause and leave no stone unturned. She has a very articulate mind and prides herself in her work. Committed, very astute and professional at all times. She is also well respected in many legal circles – both Court and Attorneys. She took on my case where I was wrongfully arrested and her representation led to a successful conclusion. Christen, you rock!” Ian, Former Client Review on

Brilliant Attorney

“Christen is an outstanding attorney. She settled my case with terms so favorable for me, that I didn’t even think the terms would be a possibility. And the best part, she didn’t charge me an arm and a leg. She gets the job done efficiently and truly has her clients best interests in mind. I’ve had other legal representation in the past that truly failed me. Christen will not disappoint and you will be lucky to have her on your team at a time when you need it most. She’s impressive and I truly mean that. I highly recommend her.” – Erin, Former Client Review on

Outstanding Lawyer

“Christen is an expert. I highly recommend her. Her presence fosters respect from others. Seeing her at work in the courtroom confirmed for me that I had picked the right lawyer. She did a great job defending me.” – Anonymous, Former Client Review on